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Candle Craft and KCCA Certification

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

#Candlemaking originated from the ancient times where the people used it to light places up after dark. The presence of candles were crucial of course, since light was always necessary. There are many different types of candles that you can create in candle craft. Little is known about the real origin of candle making, but historians have found that many candles were made from natural sources such as animal fat, tree nuts and wicked using plants and wood. Animal-based fat that burned in candles released unpleasant and acrid scents. Candles later grew to be made with more sophisticated materials such as beeswax. In the 20th century, candles became a popular gift for many occasions, which led to a rise of cheap materials such as paraffin. A study has shown that paraffin gives off harmful fumes (toluene and benzene) which are carcinogenic, and linked to asthma and lung cancer. This is why at HappyTogetherParty, we believe in using only the most wholesome materials.

All our materials are mostly natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. We only use paraffin wax in decorative candles, not meant for burning!

The art of candle-making has changed over the years where candles are no longer just used to light up places but also to gift others, setting the ambiance and freshening up a room.

Candle craft is very versatile! One can use similar materials to create different types of candles such as simple tealight candles, pillar candles and even diffusers! Modern fusion candle craft has transformed the traditional art of candle making into one that incorporates modern techniques such as including 3D art and edible-looking designs!

Did you know that humans are affected by scents? Different scents can take you to a different place or remind you of a certain memory. Have you ever recalled about a certain memory after smelling some scents?

At HappyTogetherParty, you can now start creating your very own candle memories for keepsake or creating the ambiance you want. Our dedicated instructor and co-founder of HappyTogetherParty, Esther Kim is WSQ Advanced Certified in Training and Assessment (ACTA) would personally deliver one of Singapore’s first Korea Candle Craft Association (KCCA) certified Candle Master Course. This comprehensive course includes the basics of candle craft, steps, ingredients, tools and also tips and tricks of the trade. Esther is a patient and friendly instructor who coaches students personally to ensure that they understand the techniques and craftsmanship of candle craft. The class size is kept to a minimum to ensure undivided attention from the instructor. Since the launch of the KCCA Candle Master Course in February 2019, Esther has trained many successful learners in Singapore who have also been certified to be qualified Candle Crafters by KCCA.

Graduates of the KCCA Master Course Certification can expect to create their own innovation of candle designs, apply their knowledge on the different ingredients and materials used, and also start conducting workshops for others who are keen to learn candle crafting too. Take this chance to learn more than 30 types of candle designs taught by one of Singapore’s first KCCA certified instructor. The KCCA Master Course will cover different types of candles for different occasions as well, including diffusers, silicon mould created candles and even air fresheners! Students of the KCCA Master Course will be able to learn how different materials used affect the end product of the candles.

Those who enjoy imparting their knowledge to others will be happy to know that all certified graduates of the KCCA Master Course will also be qualified to start conducting their own KCCA Master Courses for other students, which means you can start earning an income with your own candle craft too! Students will also be provided with a start-to-end guide on the KCCA Certification application processes by HappyTogetherParty.

Check out our KCCA Graduates’ artwork! For enquiries and application to the KCCA Master Course, drop us an email.

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