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3 Simple Candle Tips: to achieve a smooth candle surface

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

[Solar's first blog post] Introducing Solar, new addition to Happy Together Party family, a candle craft lover who will assist teacher Esther in this fun-loving crafting & design journey!

欢迎小编《索蜡》一同探索蜡烛制作与设计的奥妙。索蜡好奇心重,学习能力强,他将与Esther老师同行, 展开欢乐蜡烛之旅!

Have you ever tried candle making on your own,

only to realize that the end-product looked like this?

which made you go like “WHAT?!?! I waited HOURS for THIS?!?!”. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We feel you, and so we want to share with you 3 simple tips that will save you time, effort and trauma.

Candle Tip 1: “Pour the melted wax into the container when it is between 68 – 75 °C .”

[The Science Behind] In the process of melting, as well as when the fragrance oil is being mixed into the wax, non-visible air bubbles are created. Thus, we need to give the hot wax a little cooling down time to eliminate the air bubbles. Refrain from pouring at higher temperatures for a smoother surface.

Candle Tip 2: “Adjust the ratio of fragrance oil.”

*Usual instructions stated on packaging: maximum fragrance oil capacity is 10% of wax. [The Science Behind] Properties of the molecules in fragrance oils vary depending on brand and manufacture. When there is a miss match in ratio of fragrance oil poured into the amount of melted wax, the size & thickness of the molecules can result in uneven and rough candle surfaces.

Candle Tip 3: “Do not over-melt the wax”

*Regardless of melting method (double boiled or direct melt) [The Science Behind] Ensure melting temperature should not be higher than 100°C. Over heating may cause damage to the wax molecules, resulting in color change, effectiveness of scent throw, etc.

“TA-daa!” here you go with a smoother surface than before!

Solar final tip: Stay Safe, Stay Positive. Keep Learning & Keep Crafting!

Hope you have gain some insights into the basics of candle making! Interested to learn more? Join teacher Esther & Solar in the journey of candle making!

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