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Korea candle craft association by Happy Together in Singapore

Master the Art of Candle Crafting: KCCA Master Course at Happy Together

Korea Candle Craft Association Certification (KCCA)

Want to fully immerse yourself in the craft? KCCA Certification will equip you with all the required knowledge to be a skillful candle artisan. 

The course content aims to deliver knowledge on the key skills required in candle craft, including material sourcing and distinguishing, molding temperature, candle wicks and the design of 28 different candles!

Check out our student's works to see their candle craft too!

KCCA Workshop

Why KCCA? 

Whether you're looking to upgrade yourself or to arm yourself with a useful artisanal skill, a certification in candle craft (officially certified by the birthplace of candle crafters, Korea Candle Craft Association - KCCA) will be a useful testament of your skills and creativity in the unique craft. 

HappyTogetherParty welcomes learners of all ages! Upon certification, you will get to try your hand at creating new candle designs, mix different ingredients to achieve an artisanal creation of your own, and even conduct your own workshops to share your craft and knowledge with others too. 

Come join us and learn the science and precisions involved in candle making and start creating your very own candle designs! 

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Candle Tribe

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