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Experience the behind-the-scenes of artisanal soap making


Throughout the pandemic, soap has emerged as an unstrung hero, safeguarding our health and well-being against unseen threats. Yet, in its steadfast reliability, its often assumes a familiar guise - whether in the form of a traditional bar or liquid. 

Experience the magic of artisanal soap making as you journey through each creative process, from selecting ingredients to applying the principals of attractiveness bias to create artisanal soaps to assess and adapt selected designs and aesthetics for prototyping & final development to create a product ready to meet the market's needs, and to be one-step ahead of the competition.


Duration:24 hours

Funding Eligibility Period: 01 Mar 23 - 28 Feb 25 

Orchard Central /
Roxy Square 

Ref. Code:

Career Progression:

1. Entrepreneur

2. Industry Consultants

3. Instructor 

4. Production Manager

Types of SOAP:

Learn and make up to 9 different types of soaps:

 1. Embedded Soap                                4. Marble Candle                               7. Shampoo Bar

2. Crystal Soap                                        5. Dessert Soap                                 8. Conditioner Bar

3. Dual Tone Soap                                  6. Mille Feuille Soap                           9.  Steam Bathbomb

This course is designed to teach participants the skills to create soap products that can be easily replicated at home for business purposes. It's important to note that no lye will be included in any of our soap products, as this material is restricted in Singapore.

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Full Course Fee

Course fee funding only applies to Singaporeans & PRs


Pass Holders


Baseline Funding: 50%

Remainder of course fees are SkillsFuture Credits & PSEA Eligible

Singaporeans below 40



Baseline Funding: 70%

Remainder of course fees are SkillsFuture Credits Eligible

Singaporeans above 40


Questions? Talk To Us! 

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