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Artisan Chandlery (Candle)
Product Design

Explore the intricacies behind each scented candles


Love scented candles? 

Behind every candle lies a meticulous process that extends far beyond mere manufacturing. Experience the intricacies of scent creation, from current trends, material selection and creating a product based on users' needs.

Explore the unlimited possibilities of chandlery creation, and various combination options to meet and match the market's demands, and to ensure it holds a higher position in this competitive marketplace. 


Duration:24 hours

Funding Eligibility Period: 19 Sep 22 - 18 Sep 26

Orchard Central / Roxy Square 

Ref. Code:

Career Progression:

1. Entrepreneur

2. Production Manager

3. Instructor 

Types of Candles:

Learn and make up to 12 different types of candles:

  1. Colour Candle                  4. Cake Candle             7. Upcycle Candle                  10. Seasonal Candle

  2. Bread Candle                   5. Gel Wax Candle        8. Wax Tablet                           11. Macaron Candle

  3. Message Candle              6. Cactus Candle         9. Pressed Flower Candle      12. Pillar Candle 

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Full Course Fee

Course fee funding only applies to Singaporeans & PRs


Pass Holders


Baseline Funding: 50%

Remainder of course fees are SkillsFuture Credits & PSEA Eligible

Singaporeans below 40



Baseline Funding: 70%

Remainder of course fees are SkillsFuture Credits Eligible

Singaporeans above 40


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