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Join Our SkillsFuture-Funded Workshops: Master Candle, Perfume, Soap, and Cosmetic Crafting in Singapore

In alignment with SkillsFuture's objective to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential, we have a suite of workshops that aims to impart both skills, knowledge & appreciation for creating artisan products.

Artisan Perfumery

Perfume does not only provide a pleasant aroma to the senses, but it also represents a character. Learn more about the design and production process of perfume in our workshop. 

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Artisan Soap Making

Our soap making workshop offers a unique and hands-on experience in creating your very own handmade soap. Whether you are a seasoned soap maker or a complete beginner, this workshop is suitable for anyone looking to learn a new skill and create something beautiful and practical.

Artisan Candle

Dive into the world of artisan candles by learning & experiencing the process of designing and producing artisan candles.


Cosmetic Product Design

Unveil the Art of Crafting your Signature Beauty: From Formula to Finishing Touch: Create your own makeup masterpiece 


Specialty Perfumery Craft

Step into the captivating realm of fragrance artistry with our Advanced Perfumery Workshop. This immersive experience unveils the intricate secrets of incense formulation, the skill of blending fragrances and essential oils, and the art of crafting unique perfumes. 

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