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Master Non-Alcohol Perfume Making in This SkillsFuture Funded Workshop

Dive into a world of fragrance and learn to create a series of alcohol-free scented products! Join our specialty perfume workshop to further enhance your skills in crafting bespoke scents and products.


Embark on a mesmerising journey into the enigmatic world of fragrance with our Specialty Perfumery Craft workshop, a premier perfume making workshop.

Here, you'll unlock the secrets of incense formulation, master the art of blending fragrances and essential oils in our perfume making class, and discover how to create an array of truly unique perfumes—all crafted without a drop of alcohol. This experience not only allows you to design your own perfume but also explore the craft of artisan perfume creation.

Types of Perfumery:

Learn to create varieties of alcohol-free perfumes such as : 

1. Water-based perfume

2. Milky perfume

3. Incense

4. Perfume Cream

5. Perfume Balm



Duration: 16 hours

Funding Eligibility Period: 12 Oct 23 - 11 Oct 25 

Orchard Central / Roxy Square

Ref. Code:

70% Subsidy: 


Singaporeans 40 yrs & above

50% Subsidy: 


Singaporeans 21 - 39 yrs old / PR

Full Course Fee: 


SkillsFuture Credits & PSEA Eligible

Enrolment condition:

1. Completion of the Artisan Perfumery workshop is a prerequisite for enrolling in this course.

Ready to unleash your inner perfumer?

Join our Specialty Perfumery Craft workshop today and start your journey in the captivating world of fragrance creation!

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