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Let's Dive into the Art of Advanced Specialty Perfumery Craft: A Hands-On Adventure Awaits!

Imagine stepping into a world where fragrances aren't just scents but stories waiting to be told. Welcome to our Advanced Specialty Perfumery (SkillsFuture Credit Eligible), where we'll take you on a fascinating journey of creating enchanting scents, and here's the twist – not a drop of alcohol involved.

Close your eyes and envision a place where every fragrance is a unique tale. Our workshop here at Happy Together is more than just about making perfumes; it's an exploration of crafting scents that resonate with your personal narrative.

If you've ever wondered about the magic behind your favourite perfumes, this is your chance to dive in. Join us as we unravel the secrets of Specialty Perfumery Craft, turning each bottle into a storyteller, and every sniff into a new chapter. This is not just a workshop; it's an artistic adventure into the world of fragrance. Welcome to an experience where you become the storyteller of your own scented journey.

Workshop Overview

Ever wondered what makes your favourite perfumes so magical? Our workshop goes beyond just making scents; it's a journey into the fascinating world of specialty perfumery. Get ready to uncover secrets, blend fragrances, and craft your own signature perfumes—each one a masterpiece.

This isn't your average workshop; it's a discovery tour into the art of perfume creation. Dive into the secrets that turn a mix of scents into a work of art. Join us for a hands-on experience in crafting perfumes that reflect your unique style. Every bottle is a canvas for your personal fragrance expression. It's more than just creating perfumes; it's understanding the magic within each drop. Ready for this fragrant adventure? Join us today!

Craft Your Signature Scent: A Fragrance Adventure Awaits!

Water-based Perfume:

Dive into a world where fragrances are as light and refreshing as a gentle breeze on your skin. Imagine a scent that delicately lingers, creating a unique experience just for you. Our workshop is your gateway to the art of crafting water-based perfumes. It's not just about the fragrance; it's about immersing yourself in the joy of creating something that truly reflects your essence.

Milky Perfume:

Close your eyes and envision a perfume with a velvety smoothness that indulges your senses. Our workshop is your guide to mastering the techniques behind these creamy creations, elevating your scent collection with a touch of opulence. Immerse yourself in the art of crafting perfumes that are as rich and luxurious as your imagination.


Have you ever found yourself captivated by the alluring aroma of incense? Uncover the secrets of crafting your own aromatic blends in our workshop. From selecting the finest ingredients to perfecting the burning process, you'll become a maestro in creating captivating incense. Immerse yourself in the ancient art of incense-making and leave with the skills to create scents that transport you to another world.

But wait, there's more! Our workshop is a treasure trove of possibilities that goes beyond the basics. Whether you're intrigued by solid perfumes that captivate with their long-lasting charm, curious about the allure of oil-based scents, or eager to experiment with unique combinations, our palette of possibilities is waiting for you. Join us on this fragrant adventure where there are no limits to your creativity. The world of perfumery is vast, and we're here to help you explore it all.

Choosing Our Perfumery and Specialty Perfume Workshop: Elevate Your Olfactory Journey

Are you ready to embark on a sensory adventure, unlocking the secrets of perfumery and delving into the unique realm of non-alcohol specialty perfumes? Here are compelling reasons to choose our workshops and elevate your olfactory journey:

1. Comprehensive Foundation:

  • Our Perfumery Workshop establishes a robust foundation, ensuring participants grasp the fundamental principles of scent composition and blending techniques.

  • Preparing you with essential knowledge, this course serves as a prerequisite for the Specialty Perfume Workshop, guiding you seamlessly into the world of non-alcohol perfumery.

2. Innovative Non-Alcohol Perfumery:

  • Differentiate your creations with our Specialty Perfume Workshop, where you will master the art of crafting alcohol-free water-based and milky-based perfumes.

  • Experience the unparalleled convenience of immediate usability, eliminating the wait time associated with traditional alcohol-based perfumes.

  • Join a select group of fragrance enthusiasts, as very few course providers offer workshops of this kind, making your journey truly one of a kind.

4. Diverse Aromatic Palette:

  • Beyond the standard fragrance oils, our Specialty Perfume Workshop introduces you to an expanded range of essential oils. This fusion empowers you to create distinctive scents that captivate the senses. 

  • Embrace the freedom to blend fragrance oils with complementary essential oils, unleashing your creativity and personalising your olfactory creations.

5. Explore Varied Perfume Forms:

  • Immerse yourself in the versatility of perfume creation. Our workshop goes beyond the liquid realm, allowing you to craft perfumes in diverse forms—whether it's the aromatic allure of incense, the luxurious feel of perfume cream, or the convenient portability of perfume balm.

  • Discover the popularity of perfume cream among learners, offering a tactile and indulgent dimension to your fragrant masterpieces.

6. Expert Guidance:

  • Benefit from the guidance of experienced perfumers who share their insights, techniques, and industry knowledge throughout the workshops.

  • Receive personalised attention and feedback, ensuring that your journey into perfumery is not just educational but also tailored to your unique preferences and aspirations.

7. Unleash Your Artistic Expression:

  • Our workshops provide a platform for you to unleash your artistic expression and create scents that reflect your personality, style, and individuality.

  • Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about the art of perfumery, fostering inspiration and collaboration.

Differentiating Perfumery Courses and Non-Alcohol Specialty Perfume Workshops

Embarking on the aromatic journey of perfumery requires a foundational understanding of scent notes, blending techniques, and the intricate art of crafting fragrances. The Perfumery Course serves as the gateway to this olfactory realm, laying the groundwork for enthusiasts to explore the nuances of scent creation.

1) Building Blocks of Perfumery Knowledge:

Before delving into Specialty Perfume, learners must undergo the Perfumery Course. This prerequisite ensures a solid grasp of perfume blending fundamentals, providing a comprehensive understanding of scent composition and formulation.

2) Non-Alcohol Perfume Unveiled:

The essence of innovation lies in exploring non-traditional avenues. The Non-Alcohol Specialty Perfumery course stands out as a unique opportunity to create water-based and milky-based perfumes, a departure from conventional Eau de Parfum (EDP) formulas. 

Unlike traditional perfumes that necessitate weeks of resting, non-alcohol perfumes are ready for use at any time, offering a seamless blend of convenience and creativity. The rarity of such workshops makes them a coveted experience for fragrance enthusiasts, with few other course providers venturing into the realm of non-alcohol perfume creation.

3) Fusion of Aromas:

The Specialty Perfume course extends beyond the boundaries of conventional fragrance oils. Learners are introduced to an expanded palette, blending fragrance oils with an array of essential oils. This infusion of diverse aromatic elements elevates the art of perfume-making, allowing for the creation of truly unique and personalised scents.

4) Beyond Liquid Elegance:

Diversifying the forms of perfume, the Specialty Perfume course introduces learners to the world of olfactory artistry in various forms—incense, perfume cream, and perfume balm. Among these, perfume cream emerges as a particularly popular choice among learners, offering a tactile and indulgent dimension to the perfume creation process.

Embark on a Fragrant Odyssey:

In the intersection of tradition and innovation, the Perfumery Course serves as the stepping stone, while the Non-Alcohol Specialty Perfumery course unfolds a realm of possibilities previously untapped. 

As fragrance enthusiasts embrace the art of non-alcohol perfume creation, the fusion of essential and fragrance oils, and the exploration of diverse forms, a fragrant odyssey awaits those ready to unravel the secrets of olfactory craftsmanship. 

Open the door to a world where scent becomes an art form, and the journey of perfume-making becomes an immersive and personalised experience.

Join Happy Together's Perfumery and Specialty Perfume Workshop Today!

Are you ready to step into a world of captivating scents and hands-on creativity? Secure your spot in Happy Together's Perfumery and Specialty Perfume Workshop, where the art of specialty perfumery craft awaits. Immerse yourself in an experience that transcends the ordinary – engage your senses, craft unique fragrances, and create memories that linger long after the workshop ends. 

Don't miss out on this fragrant journey of discovery with Happy Together! Reserve your spot today and let the aromatic adventure begin, unlocking the secrets of perfumery and the allure of specialty scents.

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