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Perfume Making

Discover the art of artisan perfume making in our perfume making workshop. Learn about the diverse perfume scents and delve into the different notes to design your own unique fragrance.


Step into the alluring world of fragrances and scents at our perfume making workshop, where you can design your own perfume. This  perfume workshop offers the opportunity to build your own signature scent from a selection of 35 fragrance bases.

During this engaging perfume making class, you'll discover the materials and process essential for artisan perfume making. Create your own fragrance and craft a scent that's uniquely yours. This course is perfect for those seeking to explore the art of perfume scents in a hands-on environment.


Duration:3 hours

Orchard Central / Roxy Square


Types of Perfumery:

Learn to create varieties of perfumes such as;

1. EDP perfume (30ml)

2. Diffusing Stone

Ready to embark on a journey of scent discovery?

Join our perfume making workshop today and unlock the secrets of artisan fragrance creation. 

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