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Join Our 3-Day Soap Making Workshop in Singapore

Learn the secrets of designing, crafting and moulding your very own suite of customised artisanal soap from scratch to shelf.


Unleash your creativity and scent-sational design skills with our personalized soap making workshop!

Our soap workshop offers a fun and creative experience where you can learn the basics of soap making while creating unique and personalized soap creations. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the melt and pour technique, and provide pre-made soap bases that you'll customize with molds, colors, and fragrances, including dessert-inspired soaps.

Types of SOAP:



Duration:24 hours

Funding Eligibility Period: 01 Mar 23 - 28 Feb 25 

Orchard Central /
Roxy Square 

Ref. Code:

SkillsFuture Credits Eligible

70% Subsidy: 


Singaporeans 40 yrs & above

50% Subsidy: 


Singaporeans 21 - 39 yrs old / PR

Full Course Fee: 


Learn and make up to 9 different types of soaps:

 1. Embedded Soap

2. Crystal Soap 

3. Dual Tone Soap

4. Marble Candle 

5. Pottery Art Soap

6. Steam Bathbomb 

7. Kueh Salat Soap
8. Dessert Soap

9. Mille Feuille Soap

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