28 Color Block Set (Blue Case)

Form: Solid Block
Size: Size of 1pc : Appr. Width 3~3.5cm, Length 5.5~6cm
Uses: Solid Color Block for Candles (Cannot be used for soap or other water soluble materials.)
Characteristics: 1 Color Block can be used to dye about 3~5kg of wax.
Opaque natural waxes, such as soy wax, tend to have more color and more color to represent the primary color.

It should be put before the fragrance oil. Please melt the solid dye in the wax temperature 80 ~ 90 degrees.

* The colors of the individual box of each color block are color for understanding and it is difficult to be exactly the same as the actual color of the solid dye. It may slightly differ.

Professional Colour Block

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