Create your own diffuser~


In this DIY Pack, you will receive:

1 x 100 Diffuser Glass Bottle

1 x Diffuser packaging box

1 x LED Light Base

1 x Fragrance Oil 30g

1 x Diffuser Base 70g

Special include

1 x Preserved Flower Set

5 x Fibre stick + Fibre Flower



*Please note that the rose bouquet is for photo illustration purpose only.

Product Detail: 

Size of packaging:  8cm x 8cm x 9cm

Size of product: D6.5cm x H9cm

Burning hour: Approx 16 hours  

Storage: Normal room temperature, avoid direct under sunlight.

Herbarium Perfume Diffuer DIY KIT - With LED Light

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  • For a Better Scent Diffusing, after you had mix it and pour into the bottle, please allow it to have 2 weeks cure time,  for diffuser base have a better blending with Perfume Fragrance Oil.

    Diffuser Base - Grain Ethanol, nature fermanted. Just by itself, there is alcohol smell, but mixed with fragrance, the alcohol smell is mostly gone and the scent diffuses pretty well.On average, after 3~4 days after mixed with fragrance oil, the alcohol smell volatizes and lessens.