Blended with...

Hawthorn, cassia
Rose, jasmin, violet
Opoponax, vanilla, white musk


Fragrance Notes:  Oriental, Floral


Suggested Environment: Bathroom, Dress Room


Type, Brand Fragrance Oils at Happy Together are our interpretation of the well-known fragrances and have no relation to the original fragrances. It's function is to help better explain the fragrances' characteristics.

Flower By Kenzo (Kenzo type) 100ml

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  • Please keep in mind all fragrance oils and natural essential oils can vary depending on your taste and, once purchased, are not eligible for refunds.

    This is Happy Together's policy to provide the purest form of fragrances to every customer.

  •  Fragrance oils are highly concentrated 100% undiluted solutions and are not recommended to those sensitive to fragrances. May cause headaches and/or irritations.
    - Make sure to circulate air after blending wax and fragrance oils.
    - Avoid long time inhalation and skin contact. Keep caps closed when not using.
    - Keep away from children and pets.
    - Do not dilute more than the recommended level.
    - Keep away from direct sunlight and fire.