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Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our day-to-day life exposes us to countless chemicals and fumes in commercial products that can be harmful to our body. 

That's why at HappyTogether we believe in creating wholesome products where you can use our creations while feeling truly at ease. We try to deliver the purest candle crafts to you, handcrafted with love and our hearts. Most of our materials are natural, eco-friendly and carefully sourced from cruelty-free suppliers. 

We're So Blessed To Have Such A Great Learners

Here's what some of them are saying about our class:

5 stars.jpg

— Jessie, Master cert course

— Cindy C

5 stars.jpg

“My friend and I had such a great time learning to make candles with Esther! Both her and her husband are very friendly and fun. They knew that the workshop was was my birthday gift for my friend, and they even made the extra effort to put up a happy birthday banner for us. We will be back again!”

— Jane, Hobby class

“Learning candle-making with Esther is the best decision I had made. Initially, I was quite hesitant as I am very new to candle-making and afraid that the course is too theory. My preference is that not too much theories and like more hands-on work. So glad that Esther's class is a combination of not too many theories and many hands-on. She made the lessons ...”

5 stars.jpg

"Esther is a very friendly and professional trainer ! Signed candle making course with her and I have to say her teaching is very organised and detailed with course book and a lot of hands on. Im not the kind who likes boring classes so thankfully she is cheerful and energetic.What I like most is that she will not only teach you what is in the course but would also help ..."

— Sandra, Master cert course

5 stars.jpg

"Brought 3 kids for a holiday pgm with Happy Together. We all enjoyed the bath bomb and candle making."

— Lily, Kids class

5 stars.jpg

“The class taught me the proper way of making container candles. It was very detail, practical, and fun, they also gave me guidance paper to bring home. The master is friendly, open to answer questions, and most importantly certified. Thank you :).”

— Cindy, 1Day upgrade class 

5 stars.jpg

“I love how Esther conducts her lesson 1 to 1 and she is very open with sharing her candle-making tips. Most importantly, she’s not stingy with her ingredients at all!.”

— Lemon, Hobby class

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