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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Orders


Q: How long can my candles last? 

A: This depends on the usage of individuals and size of the candles. Usually, our candles can last a minimum burn time of 5 hours.

Q: Do you deliver? 
A: Yes! Delivery is free for orders above $100 in a single receipt. A $5 delivery fee is chargeable for orders below $100.

Q: How do I make a custom order? 

A: Kindly reach out to our team, and we will advise you further on your customised candle order.

Q: Do you supply candles for events? 

A: Yes! Check out our catalogue here and let us know if you'd like to make a corporate order. 

Workshops & Courses

Q: How does the KCCA Certification work?

A: KCCA certification is a useful skill for learners to master candle making, including the crafting of 28 different candle designs. Upon the completion of KCCA, you will be able to conduct professional candle craft workshops, start up your own crafting business and also deliver the KCCA course yourself! Learn more about KCCA here

Q: What's the difference between KCCA and the regular workshops? 

A: KCCA is a professional master course, certified by Korean Candle Craft Association. In the master course, you will be able to learn all the fundamentals of candle making and hone your skills in perfecting a candle. You can also be certified to teach KCCA-certification afterwards! Learn more about KCCA here


On the other hand, workshops are one-off sessions that are focused on simple and creative candle designs. The trainer usually teaches the class around a certain theme (i.e. dessert candles) and are suitable for people who prefer low-commitment sessions to learn on a themed basis. Before we start the workshop, our trainer will give you a brief idea on the history of candle making and candle art. You will also learn more about the types of waxes used during the workshop, as well as some tips and tricks of candle craft. Book our workshops here!

Q: How long are regular workshops and the KCCA Course? 

A: Our workshops are usually about 3 hours long. The KCCA Course will deep-dive into candle craft and the essential knowledge to make you a certified candle crafter. The course takes 30 hours to complete.


Materials & Ingredients


Q: What ingredients are used in your candles? Are they safe for pregnant women and children? 

A: The main ingredients used in our candles waxes and fragrance oils. Our products are safe for both pregnant women and children to use. To ensure your safety, always ensure that you are in a well-ventilated area. Refrain from burning candles more than 4 hours continuously. 


Q: Are the ingredients used safe for the environment? 

A: Yes, natural wax are biodegradable such as soy wax, bee wax and coconut waxes. 

Q: I’m allergic to certain materials. Is it customisable in my candle order? 

A: Yes, it can be customised. Please remember to indicate it in your order when checking out. 


Q: Can my candles be unscented? I’m allergic to certain scents.
A: Yes, it can be customised. Please remember to indicate it in your order when checking out. 


Q: Do you use any artificial waxes such as paraffin wax or gel wax?

A: Yes, we use some artificial ingredients for certain candles. For instance, artificial waxes can be found in decorative candles that are not recommended for burning. Decorative candles are still safe for use for decoration purposes. 


Please read our business terms and promises here

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